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Children First, Always...Kemp Carver Elementary... 7:35-3:10,  our doors open @ 7:00am
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Counselor's Corner

Welcome to our School Family!
When you and your child feel connected with the school, the teachers, the staff, and their friends… then great things can happen! The School Counselors are here to help!

Our JOB is to keep your child SAFE and their JOB is to help us keep them SAFE.

School Counselors Help them Cope

Overwhelmed? Scared? Worried? Frustrated? Or do they just need someone to talk to?

Sometimes it's just not possible to sort through tough times alone. Problems can build up and they may lose sleep, find that they can't concentrate on homework, or even become depressed. When they need to talk to someone, the school counselor can be a great place to start.

Our School Counselors know how to listen and help.

Our School Counselors can give them all sorts of tips and support on solving problems and making good decisions.

Our School Counselors can give them tips on standing up for themselves if they are being bullied, managing stress, talking to their parents, and dealing with anger and other difficult moods.

Our School Counselors are plugged into the rest of the school community and, in many cases; the outside communities as well…let us know how we can help.

School Counselors Encourage

Our School Counselors teach social skills and problem-solving.

Our School Counselors introduce children to future careers, school clubs, and community programs.

Our School Counselors support kindness programs, enrichment assemblies, and each child’s special abilities.

We are here for You!

Catie Bushman, Counselor & 504 Coordinator                                  [email protected]  

Conflict vs. Bullying:
  • A conflict is a disagreement that happens when people want different things.  The people involved in a conflict have equal power to solve the problem.  They are not purposely trying to hurt each other.


  • Bullying is unfair and one-sided.  It happens when someone keeps hurting, frightening, threatening, or leaving someone out on purpose.
Examples of Bullying: (these events happen over and over again and not just one time)
  • Physically hurting or threatening to hurt someone
  • Socially excluding someone
  • Insults
  • Name-calling
  • Mean gossip and rumors